One of Mixolumia’s coolest features is the customizable dynamic music system. This is a guide on how to get started finding and adding community-created soundpacks to the game.

Finding Soundpacks

The community generally uploads soundpacks to one of two places:

Installing Soundpacks

Soundpacks are just folders full of a bunch of audio files, a JSON data file, and cover art. All you have to do is drop that folder in the right place, called the working directory. This is where the game keeps configuration and save files.

Screenshot of Windows file explorer

First, find the working directory. On Windows, this is %LOCALAPPDATA%/Mixolumia/. You can reach the working directory by typing it right into the address bar in Windows file explorer.

On Mac, open a Finder window, choose Go > Go to Folder… and type in ~/Library/Application Support/com.davemakes.mixolumia/.

Screenshot of Windows file explorer

If they don’t already exist, you need to create two folders to make the data/music/ directory. This is where you can drop your soundpacks.

Next time you start the game, if everything is in the right place, it should automatically find newly installed soundpacks.

Creating Soundpacks

If you want to make your own soundpacks, check out the documentation.